Friday, June 3, 2011

# 54 - Look, look, look

I don't remember what was the object we were looking at.
But must be a very-very-very interesting object.
Or was it a mirror? 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

# 53 - Big pile of ice cream, big fun, big sharing

Today my good friend Irina invited me to participate to a charity event organized 
by Algida ice cream and "I love velo". The task was to gather as many flags 
as possible riding the bike. Each flag counted for 10 Big Milk ice creams 
and in the end I had to donate them to some kids at my choice. 
I chose a shelter for street kids next to my home. 
All that under a soft, but rather cold rain.

And because no good deed should remain unpunished, 
I received a looooooooooot of ice cream for home. So we've started to eat.

And eat...

And eat...

And eat...

And still a lot of ice cream was left. So we've had one more ice cream. Humans only this time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

# 52 - Everything has a first time

A few things happened for the first time last week-end:

1. We ate lasagna with zucchini (loved it!)

2. I made the mother of a 2 y.o. to hate me: 
I played with her son and I taught him a lot of things
that mothers hate - build a ramp for the toy cars out of
thin wood boards, search for cartoon movies on youtube, 
make fun of Hansel and Gretel, 
launch the toy cars from the edge of the table, etc

3. My son became taller and heavier than me.
 He is even able to carry me on. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

# 50 - Ball & chips

Today we've visited Carol park. The purpose was to identify the chestnut trees with red flowers 
(we'll come in autumn to collect the chestnuts fallen from those trees), 
but we've ended up playing ball and eating chips.